Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Day We Have to Leave. ♥

Today will be the last day for us. Fuhh. its hard 2 let him go. hey. korang jgn fikir "LET HIM GO" means break up ok! . He's going 2 PLKN. huhh..even it takes only 2 months. but 2 months is like 2 years 4 me doe. But its ok. i just keep myself busy to make the times rapidly running. So don worry bout the long time dear. rasa cepatt je nanti. confirm.. :)
ahah! i suddenly remember how we can build this relationship. Its not hard enough rite? with the honest word yg terlebey gila 2 je. teross ON . ahaha! Nope. firstly mmg bnyk gila halangan dan rintangan. ecey!! :P
Last2 jadi famous gila kt skolah an. the whole school tauu. adoii. ta pasal2 je kene aim ngan dak2 skolah 2. ahah! Remember how the word "MAF" build just 4 me? first ingt benda 2 ta lah betul pon. andd terbaca 1 article nie,bole ckp pulak aku nie MAF? hee..ok lah. just accept it. :)
that mystery word wat semua org tanya. semua teka pelik2. ahah! still fresh in my mind bout it.
another word. RIECIE. mixing of our name. build from my friend. Thanx babe. name 2 match gila. suke suke . :P
Hariri + Cieda = RieCie. ♥
well dear. nothing much to say. just remember this.:►
→ Take care of ur self there dear.
→ Never andd ever forget me.
→ jaga mata u elok2. ! :P
→ jaga hati u sama. :)
→ jaga kesihatan.
→ jaga makan minum seniri .
→ Cari kwn yg baek2 tauu.
→ Dont do bad things.
→ I ♥ U so much.
→ I will miss u damn muchh.
→ Wait 4 me yerr coz i'll be waiting 4 u. ♥

This is us. :)

Crazy timee !! :P

♥ u dear. :)

Happily ever after :)

♥ -end- ♥